Hope House Press produces personalised and bespoke luxury leather stationery that is loved the world over. Our leather notebooks, diaries and journals exist to help you, your friends and your family, document the big and not so big things that happen in life. If there's anything that can make managing a to do list more pleasurable, it's a Hope House Press notebook! They are a pleasure to write in now - and keep for the future.

Our original range of handmade personalised leather notebooks and diaries make great gifts for those who love to put pen to paper. Stylish and practical, they don't just look good and feel good - the heady cocktail of paper and leather means they smell wonderful too.

If you're buying for yourself, you'll love the choices of colours, phrasing, diary layouts and paper types - they combine to give you a notebook, journal or diary that you will want to write in again and again. 

If you're buying for someone else, you'll love the options on personalisation, colours and our helpful contributions on what works well for birthdays, weddings, baby arrivals, anniversaries and of course, travelling. 

New to Hope House Press? Please take a moment to review the feedback we have from our customers - we have more than five years of glowing feedback and reviews from customers via our website, Not On The High Street store, ETSY and the Hard to Find website. 

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