Is it better to give than receive? Really?

The Story of Us - perfect personalised wedding gift

We were asking friends for some feedback on our 'about us' page. A dear friend, Catherine, took the time to read it and said this:

"Love it! I was recently reading about this sort of page said paint a picture for people of what's in it for them. Can you have a paragraph that basically says 'if you send people one of our notebooks they will love you forever and if you buy one for yourself you'll become hugely creative and productive'? In a more subtle way, obviously, but make them imagine having ordered one and how great that would be."

I don't think I could put it better actually - a huge part of our ethos revolves around openness so it felt right to share her feedback with you all. 

As people who have tried many, many notebooks and journals over the years - cheap, expensive, designer, branded and otherwise, I can honestly tell you that the ones which we've used most consistently as a diary, or to the very last page of a notebook, are the ones we've loved - the items we've had most pleasure from using. 

When you really love something, you use it as often as you can - because you get a rush of the feeling you had when you first received or bought it. So actually, I can't help but think that Catherine has hit the nail on the head - buying a personalised journal entitled 'The Story of Us by Amanda and James' as a Wedding gift, shows the love and care and frankly, the forward planning and absence of panicked last minute purchasing that's gone into the gift.*

We've had so much feedback over the years, that we are confident enough to share the fact that it's one of our best sellers - not surprising really when you think about how it allows for photos, ticket stubs and handwritten thoughts, all safe in the one, beautiful place. 

I'll write a separate post on my thoughts on gifting items to yourself shortly. For now, I hope you have a great weekend, wherever you are, whatever you are up to and whomever you're spending it with.

Liz, Richard, The Boys and Bramble. 

*Richard has insisted that in the interests of transparency, I disclose that we have put a number of orders in for wedding gifts with emails begging for expedited delivery over the years. I disagree - when he's been in charge of gift procurement it happens - not on my watch!!!

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