Is it wrong to have favourites?

Story of Us - perfect wedding gift

I was asked yesterday as to what my favourites are at Hope House Press and I have to confess - I fudged it and said "too early to tell". The thing is, I do already have some, but am not sure if I should sure what they are? Is it bad practise for a business owner to favour some products over others?

Well, even if it is, we're all about transparency at Hope House Press, so here are is one of my favourites at the moment.

First up, is The Story of Us. I just love this as both a notebook and also, as a diary - albeit for different reasons. As a notebook, I think it is the perfect way to document journeys, adventures, house DIY projects, memories that you don't want to forget and even experiences that were near misses or perhaps, you didn't enjoy, but hope you will look back on more fondly in the future. Our memory really does play tricks on us.

I wish I'd documented more about the point at which I gave up my much loved Girl About Town place to move in with the then 'current applicant' and now Husband. I wish I'd documented more about our experiences as we travelled China together. My memories of it are getting hazier by the day - and it was only a decade ago!!

This is where The Story of Us as a notebook is perfect - it gets you into the habit of writing all sorts down. It might even encourage other members of your team << narrows eyes elsewhere >> to join in and share their reflections and experiences as well!!!

As a diary, I think it's great to have something to document projects - to plan ahead, even if it's for something like saving money regularly each month for something special - you can write it in, in advance and give yourself a big tick when you achieve each incremental goal. You can also get out a red pen when needed to help yourself get back on track.

I also like the concept of a family diary because it means you can all contribute to plans and activities - you can allocate jobs and to do lists for others to check in and also, set expectations about who will buy the gift for the Smith's anniversary in June without continually needing to nudge and remind others about it. You can hear the tone in that last suggestion, can't you. The voice of experience can sometimes sound rather bitter.....

This year I will be gifting this for a first anniversary present (paper), as a wedding gift, on the arrival of a new baby and as a retirement gift. I'll also likely gift it to dear friends who are emigrating, on the proviso that I get to visit and read it when I do.....

Who, when, where and for what occasions can you see yourself gifting The Story of Us? Would it work for you and your family? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.....

Liz, ably assisted by Bramble the Dog who is currently warming my feet.

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  • Donna Billson

    I LOVE the sound of this! I need to get one as a wedding present for friends too! mental note to remember to buy wedding gift

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