The Hope House Press personalised leather journal - how do you use yours?

So, you've got your personalised leather journal. What do you use it for? I'm using mine right now to house a succession of to do lists - things i need to remember, things I need to do, stock we need to order, ideas for our Christmas ranges (yes, the deadline for that is in April...) and initial finger in the air calculations that have to be made for cash flow purposes. 

So I felt thoroughly inadequate today, when I checked out the use of #HopeHousePress on Instagram. We've only just started using this platform, but that's not stopped our community tagging us using #HopeHousePress in their posts. 

I discovered the journalling of Pretty Green Bullet. If you want to see a mix of words, lines, ink, paint and beautiful technieques all melting together, I recommend you follow her online. Her work is arresting, interesting, varied and beautifully photographed. She's on her third Hope House Press journal and has gifted many to others, but I only discovered her this afternoon. 

Look at this, isn't it beautiful?

The secret journal Napoleon read.

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I can't see closely enough to actually read the words in this post, but I feel like I don't want to - it's the overall impression for me, that's got me so fascinated...


A photo posted by prettygreenbullet (@prettygreenbullet) on

If you'd be happy to share how you're using your Hope House Journal, we'd love to hear from you - post a link in the comments, tweet us, or post on Facebook. Or tag us on Instagram! We're looking forward to seeing what's out there....

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