#NatStatWeek - why is it so important?

Stationery, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. 

I started to write in an earlier post, about why National Stationery Week is so important. This year, it has taken on a new significance, as we've taken on the challenge of bringing Hope House Press to more of the paper loving community. 

And that's one of the many, many reasons why stationery is important. Stationery is available to nearly everyone - you can buy a pencil for as little as ten pence if you want to. Or you can splurge and buy something beautiful and memorable to write with, if that's your penchant. As I've gotten older, I've not really gotten into the pens and pencils so much - I've always looked for purple as my colour of choice to write with. I think that could change as I learn more about how ink sinks into paper over the coming months. 

But notebooks. Oh, notebooks, diaries and journals. They have brought me comfort, purpose, opportunities, realisations and adventures so many times. I have a bookshelf here in the studio, of notebooks that I'm waiting to use. Shapes, sizes, paper styles, patterns, formats - there's so much variety. It's always been this way - I took prepping for each new school year to a whole new level and drove my mum around the bend in the process - many happy hours were spent in Woolworths choosing the pencil case de jour and notebooks in which I'd prep my homework. 

As a teenager, I crafted A4 lever arch files with song lyrics, photos, quotes and anything else I could before applying sticky back plastic to cement them on to the folder. I drew endless mind maps to help me memorise the stats and theories for my A Levels. Even when in Manchester, studying Psychology, I still opted to hand write my essays for the most part, before typing them up on a 'word processor' (I really am showing my age now, aren't I?) for submission. 

Before I moved in with the Male that is now my Husband, he was initially referred to as 'The Current Applicant'. At that point, I had very little faith in relationships and I spent a long time reviewing my diaries and journals, trying to work out where I'd gone so wrong in making my choices up to that point. Once I'd squeezed everything I could out of them, I ceremonially burnt them - that was a sight for my future Father In Law - me sobbing as I burnt years of memories in the chimnea in the back garden. He was very confused by the whole thing but wisely left me to it. 

Now that I have the much wanted cliched life of a Husband, 2 children and a dog, I want to document and note and remember as much of it as I can - our boys referring to "Farmer Christmas' and 'Bumberella'. They are things we want to remember. Writing matters - still - now, today. Writing matters because it's giving me the opportunity to be so aware and in touch and to notice the great things that I have in my life - big and small, and I want to reflect and read back on these things when they're no longer being used in conversation. 

Why does writing matter for you?


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