#NOTHS10 - Hope House Press - proud to be a Partner with Not On The High Street

Hope House Press joined Not On The High Street back in 2011 and has never looked back - we love being part of such a thriving community. It's very exciting to have NOTHS turning ten years old and I was thrilled to come home to our celebration pack today. Lots of NOTHS partners have already taken to Instagram to share their excitement about the celebrations happening tomorrow. 

#NOTHS10 - Not On The High Street tenth birthday

Aren't the photos great? We're loving seeing how excited the community is.

As part of the celebration pack, we've been sent a bake your own cake. I have duly made it in preparation for our family joining in with the fun tomorrow. Prepare yourselves because I'm going to share our contribution to this excitement. Are you ready? 

Do we get points for effort? I don't see us doing so well in the bikini round..... #NOTHS10 #NotABaker #StationeryBeforeCake !!!!

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I know, you're as speechless as we are. The chocolate sauce covers the burnt edges but we haven't 'quite' achieved the marbling effect that many others have. I'm just hoping that we get points for effort because as you get to know us, the Custodians of Hope House Press, you'll know that Richard makes a mean Sunday dinner and that I do a great curry. Baking just isn't something that we do much of. Sorry. We're incredible at making luxury, bespoke and personalised leather notebooks, diaries and journals - all of which we are proud to sell and share with you all via NOTHS. I think there's a phrase about finding what you love and doing it - we love creating beautiful products for you all, and that's what we'll stick at! 

Here's to the next ten years as part of the NOTHS Community!

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