Learning about #planners and #journalling

This is the extent of my creativity - and that's when there's a large to do list looming.

Don't laugh, but aside from our specialist skills, which we've spent years refining and honing, I don't really class myself as as being very creative. Whilst I am a huge fan of stationery, I've never quite gotten my head around the concept of bullet journalling, planners or journalling in general. I used to work with someone very lovely called Jane and she explained her numbered bullet journal process to me several times but I just never quite got my head around it. 

So, imagine my delight when Nickie O'Hara - a stationery fiend and planner like no other messaged me this afternoon and asked why I wasn't going to a Planner Con meet up tomorrow? I didn't know about it! How could I have missed it? I was so excited - but then I clicked and found that it was sold out. I tweeted, FB'd and did all I could to find the organiser - Mrs Brimbles and she tagged me when someone else offered their ticket out, as a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) so I could use it. 

Fast forward two hours to 6pm and I'm still trying to work out which notebook from our range will be most useful to me. I'm nervous as well, because the scale of knowledge in the room tomorrow will be immense. I know a fair bit about paper, leather and making luxury notebooks, diaries and journals. I am, however, totally new to planning and journalling. I know that other people get a huge sense of control and satisfaction from it. I really enjoy ticking things off a list, so I'm happy to think that this learning curve could bring me more of a feeling of those things. 

Anna has also kindly said that I can offer one of our notebooks as a raffle prize or something similar, so I'm very excited to see who it is that I end up being able to gift a Hope House Press notebook to - we'll personalise it and make it to their specification - plain, lined or squared paper - and pop it in the post on Monday. 

I'd better go - I've got research and learning to do... I'll be on Instagram tomorrow, documenting everything at instagram.com/hopehousepress and tweeting from twitter.com/hopehousepress - hope to see you on there.

Quick update at 9pm - I'm only getting around to pressing 'publish' now - and I've already been welcomed with lots of help and top tips already, to a number of great online groups and places to do my learning. Thank you to everyone for this - I look forward to being useful to others in the future! 

Liz W. 

Community - I've already been welcomed with open arms into the planner and journalling community.

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  • Hope it went well, how exciting xx


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