A quick note on failure and success...

Seth Godin on Failure and Success
We love hearing your thoughts and ideas on our work, so we were thrilled when we had some feedback from customers. They were very complimentary of where we are now and told us that they'd like us to bring in more colours and also, add in some more phrases to the front of our notebooks. So we've done that. It's taken many hours of development time and testing and iterating and we're at the point where we're starting to share them with our community. It's quite a scary thing to do though, because we're banking on your feedback again, to help guide us with these new styles. 

As I started to upload the image and start writing about the new styles today, I came across this from Gaping Void and it really did feel like a it was a *sign* ;))

So, we're now going to march onwards with sharing our new designs and styles with you all, safe in the knowledge that we're going to have lots of little failures as we try new things, with an eye on the bigger picture of us moving towards bigger successes as we do. 
With that in mind, we're really looking forward to your feedback on the new ranges as we share them with you all - please email, comment on here or Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - wherever you see them and tell us what you think to them! 

If you don't already know Gaping Void, we wholeheartedly recommend that you check them out - their work in healthcare, and many other markets is truly brilliant - inspiring, educating and generating many much needed conversations. We love what they do and are working towards having some of their pieces on our studio walls soon. 
Are you doing anything brave at the moment? Taking time and space to create new things? We'd love to hear about them and are happy to share them online with our friends - tell us about your work in the comments below :))

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