Our second new word: Journey - Ish

I haven't edited the post that follows - we've got some beautiful orders to get into the post today and I want to make sure that they are perfectly packaged before I take them to the village post office.... If you spot any grammar mistakes, please forgive me - I just wanted to get this posted and live! 

Hope House Press - making up words as we go along

I got the usual question on the weekend: How's it going? Are you flooded with orders? 

It got me thinking about what 'going well', 'going ok' and 'going badly' would look and feel like. Today, Hope House Press feels like a business that's in-between 'going well' and 'going ok' on most levels. It feels like that because we have a steady volume of orders coming in and we're getting great feedback from our Community on how we can do more with our designs and the new styles we want to introduce.

I'll be honest and share that we're rather slow at making changes in terms of increasing the efficiency in our in house processes - we're such sticklers for our own very high standards, that we won't change anything if there's even a possibility of it affecting the customer service and product quality that we're so well known for. This means we need to test and double test anything before we do it for a 'live' customer! 

We've also been asked about how it feels to be at the helm of this growing business and the truth is that it feels kind of similar to the other businesses that we've grown and yet in other ways, quite different. So the word that I've come up with to describe the whole experience so far is 'Journey-Ish'. Before the days of the X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, the phrase wasn't so commonplace. Today, everywhere you turn, someone's on A Journey! 

My take on our feeling that our experience with Hope House Press is Journey-Ish comes from a place of knowing that we're in this for the long haul, that we have made progress already and yet still know that there's so much more to do! Being in a place of Journey-Ish also reflects our enthusiasm and the confidence with which we're approaching our work. Every day is an adventure - there are more ups and downs than the Peak District has but still, we know that it's all part of the priviledge of owning and caring for something as special as Hope House Press. 

Today, I'm off to meet a small group of Not On The High Street Partners, to learn about how they handle the ups and downs. I'm naturally a talkative person, so I'm going to keep as quiet as I can and soak up the knowledge of everyone else. In time, I hope to be useful to others as they start their own businesses, but for now, I'm going to keep looking long term and seeing where this journey-ish feeling takes us! 

What word best describes what's happening in your life and work at the moment? 
Tell us in the comments! 


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