Does packaging really matter?

I was talking with someone I don't know that well a couple of days ago. They wanted to know why I had to rush to get to the Post Office before 5pm. Surely it didn't matter if an item is posted just one day later than we could get it out there? And surely it wasn't that important to take a fair amount of time putting it in the box, with the tissue paper just so, labels aligned, wrapping ribbon tightly taped on, in cardboard packaging and with a plastic outer bag to seal it along with printed address and return labels?

I explained that actually, to us at Hope House Press, it is. It's all rather important. When you've spent as much time as we do on hand crafting the notebook, printing the phrase or lettering with our unique ink application method and finally, hand finishing the notebook or diary, we want to make sure that it is wrapped safely and securely so that it's not damaged en route. We also like to use our packaging as a way to demonstrate our very high standards for presentation - so yes, we certainly do go the extra mile.

On reflection, we're essentially modelling ourselves on the experience of opening an Apple product in the Apple Store. If you've never bought an item there, tell them you want to watch someone doing it - it's an amazing experience.

Anyway, this all brought me round to the infamous clip in Love Actually, where Rowan Atkinson gift wraps the necklace Alan Rickman is buying for someone who is not his wife. It makes us smile because although we're not at that point, we're not that from it either!

Do you enjoy opening a well wrapped item? What do you think when you receive something that's not been wrapped very well?


  • Pinkoddy

    Oh yes presentation can mean everything and especially if it is a gift. In fact I am starting to think about Teacher gifts as my son is leaving the school so want something they can see is the up-most quality.

  • Stephanie Robinson

    Yes absolutely! The packaging and wrapping is part of it. I still need to educate MOH though who thinks sellotape on a carrier bag from the shop it came from is ok ! Seriously.

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