Trying something new - with Design Essentials

Design Essentials - furniture, home and lifestyle accessories

When a successful retailer, who you've known forever, who coincidentally went the same North West of England senior school as you did, calls you up and offers to a) host a party in celebration of your new business and b) agrees to let you take over their front window for a month, what do you say? 

Yes. Yes. And Yes. 

We are a mixture of feeling excited and terrified at the prospect of being showcased in Design Essentials - Wendy Howell is a woman who means business and does business well. It's a big thing for us to be hosted and given so many opportunities by her - the products stocked in the Saffron Walden Shop and also on their online portal are beautiful without exception. Wendy and her team are super picky about the ranges they host so we're rather chuffed that they want us! 

We're having a party to launch the new collections next Thursday, from 3.30pm onwards, at Design Essentials. Can you make it? We'd love to have you join us. 



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