The Best Father's Day gift you can give is....

What's the best Father's Day gift you can give? Is it a physical gift? Is it your time? Is it remembering to call your Dad regularly?

Father’s Day will be here in just 8 days time. I don’t know about you, but I find it really hard to buy a present for my own dad - because he’s not materialistic in any sense. He enjoys fishing (but can’t kill any of them - they all get released), watching Manchester United or listening to football commentaries on the radio, pootling about in the garden and having updates on our two boys. He loves trains and going to watch them and loves Scotland and he loves, loves, loves, birdwatching. 

So for Father’s Day, this year, from us all as family - The Weston Family - he’s going to get a frankly BRILLIANT gift. He’s going to receive a bird box, painted in Manchester United red, in the shape of train. How cool is that? It’s going to be made by Lindleywood and I totally recommend you check them out. I am not an affiliate - they’re just lovely people that I’ve come across since we became the caretakers of all things Hope House Press. 

Best Father's Day gift - ever!

From me, he’s going to receive one of our own notebooks - The Genius of Dad. 

 Genius of Dad - leather notebook for Fathers Day - perfect Dad gift

In it, I’m going to put some photos of him and I that have meaning for me. There will be the photo of me crying, stood next to an alligator pen at a zoo when I was small. Because my Dad has always made me do things that scare me and I love him for it. 

I’m going to post a photo of my graduation from the University of Manchester. It’s fair to say that sadly, my Dad didn’t have a great life growing up. At different points, he’s shared some of the instances that happened, but doesn’t like to talk about it. When I graduated. I couldn’t work out why my Dad was so Over The Top about it. Now, I can. I’m really embarrassed to not have let my Dad and my Mum, make more of that day. It was everything they’ve not had and their moment of knowing they’d managed to give it to me. 

I’m going to post a photo of my Dad fishing. God, I hate fishing. I really hate fishing. It’s boring and I can’t get to the mindfulness aspect of it. But do you know what he did, on meeting my then bloke, who would become my Husband? He did fishing with him. He shared his precious fishing gear with him - we’ve never seen my Dad do that before! Not in all the years I was with the previous applicant!! 

I’m going to include a photo of my wedding day. My Dad held onto me whilst I was scared to walk down the very short aisle. I can’t write any more about that, as I’m now crying. 

And finally, I’m going to include a photo of him, my Mum, my brother and me. I’ll find one somewhere. Because he and my Mum have given me such a strong example of what families can be like - good, bad and everything in-between. He’s worked non stop - and still does now at 73 years of age. He wants to provide - physically, financially and emotionally and I want him to know that he’s done a good job in all of those areas. 

So. Now that I’m a sniffing mess, I want to turn this over to you. What will you be giving your Dad on Father’s Day? What’s the best gift you’ve ever given your Dad? Extra points will be given if it was homemade or non tangible! 


Fathers Day gift - leather notebook - personalised


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