The 2016 / 2017 Academic Diary - which Hope House Press style will you choose?

Academic year diary - 2016 - 2017 school diary

A really good 2016 / 2017 Academic Diary is a rare thing. We didn't realise just how rare they are until we started receiving requests to make bespoke academic diary styles from so many people! It's not something we've usually done, but we've managed to source a few of them. They're rather 'standard' diaries, which we upgrade using our craftsmanship and skills and the end product is rather fabulous, if I do say so myself! 

Our 2016 / 2017 Academic Diary is available in any of our eight colours, in A5 sizes, with a Day To View format or a Horizontal Week To View format. This week we've made more Day To View than Horizontal, but perhaps that will change next week?

The Day To View feels very much like something you could use as a journal, or to record meeting notes in - perhaps you might split it in half, as I am this year, with my own? I'm using the top half of the page for meetings and appointments and the bottom half for reminders of what I need to be doing and organising - the former is professional and the latter is very much domestically dominated at the moment!!

The Week To View is perfect for anyone with a regular routine. It means you can initial or just put a line in for the repeated starts and ends to your day, with variations added in, with more detail. 

With them both being A5, there's a fair bit of space in there for your notes, birthdays, anniversaries and countdown reminders. Ever since I accidentally deleted my entire digital calendar for a second time, I decided that I would rather revert to my paper planners. And I'm so pleased that I have - paper enables me to see what's coming up so much more easily. And it means I can plan whilst I'm on the phone - no more "let me check that and call you back", no more "hang on, I hope to not hang up on you whilst I check that". Paper is there, accessible, always to hand and good at being edited without fear of being double booked. 

What do you use your diary for? Do you put everything in it? Or do you run a separate book for birthdays and things you need to remember?


  • Emma

    day to view is ideal for me, as a busy mum of three this would make life so much easier!

  • Nikki Thomas

    They all look so lovely, I am such a fan of planners and notebooks, I would buy them all and I love the way that you can really personalise them. I am a fan of an academic diary, I work in a school and I just find that as our year really is dependent on the school year both working and having kids at school, it works much better for me to start in August. I currently use my planner/diary for everything as I find having different places just doesn’t work

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