2017 Diary hacks - making the best use of monthly summary pages.

Making your 2017 diary really work for you is a truly personal thing. Exercise is a priority for my wellbeing - when I take time to exercise, I do more of it. It's a cumulative effect. So it's really important that my 2017 diary is my best diary ever, by providing me with ways to document my efforts.

I found something on Pinterest which is in a related area - weight loss - where bullet journal and planners dedicate a page to their weight loss. Here's a live example of it. 

Bullet Journal Weight Loss tracker - Plan Your Planner
Full credit for this image goes to Plan Your Planner - she is amazing at laying out pages and documenting her life! 

This has inspired me to think about the monthly summary pages at the front of our Hope House Press diaries for 2017. I think that they are places where this kind of thing could work really well. Here's an unused page for reference. 

Hope House Press 2017 diary hack

I'm sorry about the quality of these images - they are taken of an evening, on my lap, in near darkness! Anyway, that aside, I think that using these pages for the purpose of documenting exercise could work well - it is important that my 2017 acts as a B.O.A.T. - Book Of All Things.

Having said that, I don't know if it would be the best use of the page though. I am also considering using it to document some timetabling that I want to keep a note of. Here's a very roughly filled in example of some hours I've been documenting on a project where I want to document the hours I am spending on it. 

2017 Diary - planner hack - timetable - Hope House Press

I hope that these thoughts on how we can best use our 2017 diaries are useful. When you invest in a Hope House Press diary, you're going to carry it and use it daily. Anything that is carried and used daily deserves to be well used and used in an optimal fashion. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you could use these pages - the monthly summary pages. I'm sure there's much more that can be done besides exercise and / or documenting of hours. Look forward to hearing from you in the comments! 

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