2018 diary choices - choosing a 2018 diary sets the tone for the coming year.

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Your 2018 diary is an important purchase. When buying your 2018 diary you set the tone for your expectations for the coming year. The colour, the size, the diary format and the style all come together to make it more than a personalised leather organiser. Here at Hope House Press we want it to reignite a joy of writing, to present you with an opportunity to take control of everything that you juggle at home, work and in your social life. 

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A Hope House Press 2018 diary will be a wonderful addition to your life for the coming year for a number of reasons. 

1. We will make it to order, just for you. This means that you'll be in charge from it's inception:

  • Will you have a small diary which fits in your handbag or jacket pocket? Or a medium which works for everyone? Or a large which has space to divide up work, home, reminders and note taking? 
  • Will you have a day to view diary which means you can see everything in detail, every day? Or would you prefer an appointment diary - our vertical week to view diary runs from 8am to 7pm each day with hourly appointment spaces. Or would a hybrid work - a horizontal week to view diary which gives an overview of the week as a whole with space for appointments in an ad hoc fashion?
  • Will you go for our most popular colour of caramel? Or go darker with the chocolate? Or newer with new navy, texture rich charcoal, or heritage red or green? Perhaps the brightest of brights will make your diary easier to find? Bright blue, deep orchid pink and our pale sage green all show beautifully in even the darkest of handbag corners. 

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2. We will personalise it exactly as you ask us to. Small and simple initials are perfect in a right hand bottom corner. Longer phrases run perfectly along the spine. If you're a collector and retainer of your diary your name and the year will be perfectly placed halfway down the diary with a right hand side justification. Whatever you choose, we'll make it, by hand, for you. 

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3. It will wear beautifully. Our soft back leather is hand chosen as entire hides by Richard. He lays each hide out at the supplier and views it for marks and imperfections. Each is unique and has its own marks and colour shades. He brings them back to the studio and cuts each hide, by hand, to select only the very best pieces of leather (the remainder is shared with other producers who use them in thin strips for leather ties, fraying and handles). Each piece is then trimmed again in preparation for adding to the diary, which is itself prepared by topping and tailing with an appropriate colour to match the leather, before spending at least 24 hours in our vintage heavyweight presses. All of this happens before we even look at putting together the unique fonts to make your personalised leather diary cover. The lengthy pressing time means you will receive a diary where the ink has taken to it as best it possibly can. These hours of preparation combine to give you a 2018 diary which is robust enough to withstand the rigours of daily life whilst also softening further with use and developing a patina through handling which cannot be replicated. 

People who do not know Hope House Press sometimes question why we present each one in a bespoke, hand made box with buttermilk cover and black lining. They wonder why we'd take the time to wrap it in tissue paper and bring everything together with a ribbon to secure it. It is our hope that sharing as much as we can of the making process with you, will give you a deeper appreciation of the time and care that has gone into making your 2018 diary - with the intention of setting you off into the coming year with the very best start possible. 

The 2018 diary collection from Hope House Press is available here - 2018 diary collection. If you'd prefer that we make something in an entirely new style, that's bespoke to you, please email hello@hopehousepress.co.uk with details and we'll do our very best to exceed your expectations. 

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