The 2019 diary collection - aka the leather diary collection at Hope House Press

2019 diary - leather diary - personalised diary - hope house press

The 2019 diary collection - your perfect 2019 diary is now available to preorder.

We thought it appropriate to start this update with an image of our 'journey' diary - because we feel that we are truly on a journey in our work to bring news of our 2019 diary collection to you! 

Our diaries are the most popular thing we sell - and with good reason - they are beautiful pieces which are a real labour of love on our part. And preparing the 2019 diary collection has been even more challenging this year than ever before.

We know that quality is as important to you as it is to us and that's why we've taken the decision to design our own unique diaries for 2019. We're working with local suppliers - they are being printed locally in Cambridge and will be hand sewn and bound in the next county. The samples which we've used for photography below show that they are going to be even more beautiful and stylish than last year's diary collection, which will be no mean feat. 

The 2019 diary collection - the design

The 2019 diary collection will have horizontal week to view (weekly diary) and day to view (daily diary) formats. Both will begin with our own design of monthly summary pages as shown below. 

Personalised leather diary - 2019 diary by leather diary and leather notebook studio at Hope House Press

You'll see that there's space in each daily box for shorthand codes or reminders of birthdays and special dates. At the top of the page there is space for to do lists, reminders and goals. Everyone will use their 2019 diary differently and we're here to make it as functional as possible for everyone. 

Weekly diary - horizontal week to view diary - 2019 diary - leather diary and leather notebook studio at Hope House Press

The 2019 diary, when bought as a horizontal week to view, weekly diary planner is a beautiful design. It is perfect for our worldwide community and begins the week on a Monday. There is ample space for the weekends - there's just as much happening in our lives on the weekends as there is during the week and we felt we quite literally needed to help you make space for that.

Leather diary - 2019 diary - personalised diary - day to view daily diary - hope house press leather notebook and leather diary studio

The 2019 diary, when bought as a day to view, daily diary, is spacious and perfect for flexing to meet your changing needs. Whether you use the top half of the page for appointments and the bottom to document memories of the day, or as a freehand journal to document your thoughts and plans, you'll love the lines - spacious enough for writing comfortably without restricting the space itself. 

You may have noticed that we're not offering a 2019 diary in a vertical week to view, appointment based diary. We've not taken this decision lightly - we know that for those of you who do buy them, they're exquisite and practical in equal measure. But as they were just 10% of our diary sales, we weren't able to meet the requirement for the minimum numbers for printing and production. We're sorry about that and hope that you'll be able to make the day to view work instead, by adding your own appointments within it. 

The 2019 diary - which leather diary colour is your favourite?

Our leather diary collection has all the colours you know and expect - with the addition of two new colours - a baby blue and baby pink. Whichever you go for, you'll be in good company as aside from caramel, which is always our most popular colour, the rest are spread in relatively equal popularity.

2019 diaries - leather diaries - personalised leather diaries at the leather notebook and leather diary studio at hope house press

The 2019 diary - which size works best for you?

You'll also be able to choose from our usual three sizes:
  • the small, (A6 in size) which is perfect for your pocket or handbag
  • the medium, (between A6 / A6 in size) which is perfect for all things day to day
  • the large, (A5 in size) which is perfect for managing busy lives and everything within them

The 2019 diary - introducing preordering

We're introducing preordering this year as a result of feedback and our focus groups with existing customers. We know that you want to 'know what's happening' and that many people are organised and ready to take advantage of our discount - so please use DIARY2019 to take 20% off your order.

However, we're also taking on the additional costs of moving to a UK based design, print and production process and to counter some of the costs (and it doesn't cover them all however we juggle the figures) we're now offering the diaries with and without gift boxes. This means that if you're ordering your own 2019 diary, you may not feel you need a gift box. Equally, if you're buying a 2019 diary for someone else, you may wish to have one - and we've kept them available for those who would like one, at a small additional cost. 

The 2019 diary - bespoke commissions

If you have a personal style or design in mind, we'd be delighted to bring it to life for you. Text based changes usually incur no cost and original designs usually cost around £15 plus VAT to design and implement. If you have something you're mulling over please email us at with your thoughts and we'll talk the options through with you. 

I think that this covers everything, for now, on our 2019 diary collection.

Please remember to use 2019DIARY - it is available as a pre order reward for a limited time and we want you to make the most of it! 

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