Best 2017 Diary hacks - use the address book section for something more useful than addresses.

Disclaimer: I really do apologise for the quality of these photos - I've taken them using my iphone, on my lap, whilst sat in near darkness. Not my best move!! But they do give an idea of how this work. A great example of Progress Not Perfection in action ;))

One of the best 2017 diary hacks is to take the back section, where you have some pages for A - Z pages - the pages traditionally used as an address book and do something different with them. Here's an unused address book page. 

Birthday summary page - Hope House Press - Best Diary 2017 hacks

The something different is entirely up to you. I've decided to use some of my address book pages in my 2017 diary as summary pages of the birthdays happening in each month. It's a round up of birthdays, month by month. This means that at a glance, I can see who I need to think about organising presents for. I can also use it to make sure that I'm not missing anything. Here's a photo of it as it is at the moment.

Best diary 2017 hacks - Hope House Press - Birthday Summary Page 

I haven't added all of the birthdays yet, so it's quite empty, but it gives you an idea of how I am using the space. The lines are perfect for allocation of space - six or seven months on each summary page works really well for me. If you have lots of birthdays to remember and manage, just use more lines and add in a third page for it!

That's the beauty of using this kind of thing. It's entirely up to you. That's what I meant, when I started these posts about the very best 2017 diary - it's actually going to be one that works for you.

What else could you use an address book page for? I'm thinking about budgeting - planning for things you know that come up in certain months? Car insurance? Home insurance? Renewal of a lease? Could that be a summary page? 

Or perhaps, each time you put savings away towards something special, you could document it in on a page? Mark the page out in boxes and each time you save £25 towards it, you colour the box in? That's a huge trend with bullet journal fiends. Would that work for you? 


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