Luxury leather anniversary gifts

The most appropriate leather gift for an anniversary present will be a hugely personal choice. Hope House Press is dedicated to hand making and crafting beautiful, bespoke and unique pieces which are loved and appreciated by people all over the world. Leather anniversary gifts are a wonderful expression of love on the fifth wedding anniversary. The only challenge is deciding which leather anniversary gift your beloved will most enjoy and appreciate. 

If you're looking for something that they will use on a daily basis a personalised notebook is great - our luxury softback leather notebooks fit perfectly in a jacket when you bought as a small A6. 

leather anniversary gift leather notebook

Our best selling leather anniversary gift is The Story Of Us. With personalisation, it becomes a unique almanac for memories, adventures and experiences that a couple have shared and want to have in the future. 

leather anniversary gift Hope House Press personalised leather notebook

If you're looking for something that is the perfect marriage of form and function, we recommend our brand new pencil case as a perfect leather anniversary gift. Personalised with a retro font and made in luxury leather which wears beautifully and yet, holds shape and structure. We know that it is being used as a pouch to keep essentials in place in handbags, for medication and even for glasses! It's great to have an engaged community who tell us about how they are using our work. 

leather anniversary gift pencil case personalised gift Hope House Press

Which of these would you like to receive? Which would you like to gift? Do you have an idea for a fifth anniversary present? Get in touch and we'll see if we can make it for you. Bespoke orders are always a joy to make, because we love knowing that we're bringing someone else's ideas to life for them. 

Whatever you give, give it with love. Life's too short to do anything else.  


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