Community matters. Customers matter. You matter.

I want to share something with you, that has really made not just my day, but my whole week. So much so, that I've taken a screen shot of it, and I've put it on the wall in the Studio. 

A month ago, I received an email asking if we could make a truly bespoke academic year diary for someone. I loved the sentiment from the sender and the reasoning behind it, so I didn't just go over and above - I went to town on the project. I figured that if it was important enough to be worth doing with such attention to detail specified on the customer's part, then it's worth our reciprocating.  


The end result has been a text message, saying how much our work has been appreciated. We've chatted on the phone. We've texted. We've emailed. We've worked on this until it truly is perfect. And I'm so proud of us for that. The profit is actually less than we'd normally have, because I've sourced unique tissue paper and other things for the packaging. That's not allowing for the time spent at our end - Richard has had to do a fair bit of practising and I've done a lot of admin on it. 

And I'm so pleased that we have. Why? Because it truly reflects why we have taken on the challenge of growing Hope House Press - sustaining it as it goes forward, breathing life into new products and categories of stationery. Sarah did such an amazing job for the first seven years, that Hope House Press deserves nothing less for the next seven.

And that all starts with the customer. Doing everything we possibly can to make our product something that will make a difference to their lives and/or the person who they are buying it for. 

We really do want it to arrive in perfect condition - that's why we work to cocoon our products in the post. We really do want everything to be lined up - that's why we have our labels professionally printed.

We want the act of opening the packaging to be as exciting and a real fireworks night 'oooooh' moment - that's why we've sourced Jane Means ribbon for our boxes. (Jane's the person whose ribbons and beautiful wrapping techniques are found in YSL, Liberty London, Molton Brown, Mappin and Webb, Jo Malone and Fortnum and Mason.)

Shall I draw breath now? ;)) We're here. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to serve you all in producing notebooks, diaries and journals that you and your friends and family use every day. It's an priveledge to be part of your lives and we're very grateful for it. Community matters. Customers matter. And you matter. 

If you've got an idea for a bespoke diary, academic diary, notebook our journal you'd like us to look at making, please get in touch - we love to hear from people with their ideas! 

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