Experimenting. Evolving. Enduring.

As I write this post, it is a beautiful May morning here in Cambridge, England. We don't always have such beautiful starts to the day, so I feel particularly appreciative of this one. I'm writing this post to share news in a way that we haven't before, so I hope you'll bear with me as I work out how best to phrase things....

We're experimenting. We're testing change in lots of areas of Hope House Press with a view to being able to offer more products to our loyal community and establish exactly where we best sit and fit in helping you buy gifts for others - and yourselves - that will be remembered for all the right reasons, for years and decades to come. It's a tall order, isn't it? But one that we are more than up to the task of meeting. 

We're also thinking about how we present ourselves to you. Visually and in our writing. Hope House Press makes incredible, luxury, hand made pieces for the purpose of delighting every time they are used. The materials and hours of work involved in making each piece, by hand, to your specifications and personalisation requests means that they are not a disposable item. We used to think that we needed to communicate with you - and about our products - in a detached fashion, in a way that would give credibility to our work. Reverence doesn't have to be a negative though - we regularly have to take a moment to look at the finished pieces and say "Wow, that's rather lovely". 

So, we're working on entirely new types of products, we're writing about ourselves in new ways and what else? Oh, yes, we're enduring. We don't want to lose any of our community - your thoughts, feedback and input is essential to us as we go forwards. We are looking to you to help us shape Hope House Press, so that we can endure and give the very best of ourselves, our work and our creativity into making things which will make you - and the people you love - smile every time they are used. Stay tuned for more developments as we have them. 

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