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 Every proud moment, every mile stone, every story, ever achievement, doing up your laces, new teeth, meltdowns, embarrassments, first days of school, last day of school, your first job. Every single feeling I had and didn't want to be forgotten written down for you to read..... One day 💙 @hopehousepress

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I was talking with a fellow Mum the other day, about an idea I have to do produce a journal which is specifically made for families - to write about their lives together. The Mum said it was a great idea but she just couldn't think of what she would actually write about in it. I said I'd write about the funny phrases our boys used when they were small - we still refer to "Farmer Christmas" in our house and we say "wubu" instead of "love you" as a a form of almost shorthand! But to be honest, I want to remember more than first words - there a books a plenty out there covering that. I want to write about the highs and lows. The football matches that we've tried out for. The one time that someone was chosen as Player of the Match at Rugby when they were just four years old. I want to take a selfie of us all together on the sofa watching Strictly Come Dancing and make a note of how we would all shout at the judges on the panel if we didn't like their score allocations. 

I think that there's so much going on, that I'll quickly forget the day that our younger son decided it was time to eat pasta with cheese on top of it instead of on the side. It's a landmark moment for him and us, not least because it makes eating out easier ;))

And then I saw this post by a Mum called Nancy on Instagram. She's doing exactly what I had just been discussing! Except she's written about it so beautifully that I felt I wanted to share it here. 

There is beauty in the details. There are so many things to remember - I know that. But finding a moment to just write a date and time for a joke that was told wrongly, a moment where siblings help each other instead of hinder - whatever it is, it's part of the fabric of your family and there will be a time in your life when you want to remember it. I see Giovanna Fletcher and Tom Fletcher share pictures of their son loving all things Lightning McQueen. It reminded me that William's first words all revolved around 'Keeeeeeeen' - which was his word for Lightning McQueen. 

What would you write in your family book? 

Don't delay - start today! It's worth noting. It's all worth remembering. Promise. 

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  • I follow the fletchers (I love them.) Thank you for making such a great first for my children. To many memory’s are forgotten and sometimes you forget the details of how a moment makes you feel. I want my children to ready through the steps they took in life and know how much I love them and how proud even some of the smallest things they do made my heart burst!

    Nancy Fawehimi

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