Gifts for teachers

When it comes to gifts for teachers, it can be overwhelming deciding on what buy. Budgets vary, as do the personalities of teachers and perhaps most importantly the relationship which you have with them. Do you buy five of the same gift or try different gifts for different teachers? We're proud to present a round up of some gifts which we think could be good gifts for teachers of all types.....

1. A mug for a teacher.

No, don't groan - this is actually a really cool mug for a teacher. It reminds us of the Guess Who came in the styling. It's well designed and there are endless combinations of options for the face. Buy it from A few home truths.


2. Teacher bag

This is perfect for teachers to take their marking to and from school. In a very on trend grey with a great print, this is rather lovely. And it's complimenting them at the same time - telling them they've got a superpower. We'd rather like someone to see our efforts as superpowers. Any takers? Buy from We Are Scamp

Teacher gift bag super power heroes


3. Pencil case / bits and bobs case

This shiny pencil case in gold or silver is perfect for a teacher who is funky and likes to put their stamp on their belongings. You can buy it from us here at Hope House Press


4. Tan leather or brown leather pencil case

If your teacher recipient is a bit more old school, we guarantee that they'll find the smooth leather and discreet vintage personalisation appealing. We have them in stock and they're already selling well for Miss Smith, Mr Jones or Madame Russell.

Tan leather pencil case personalisaed

5. Brass pen with lid

If you're not sure what to go for, you can't go wrong with a classic pen. This brass pen with lid is perfect for any type of teacher and comes wrapped in tissue paper, ready for gifting. 

brass pen teacher gift

Whatever you go for, we always recommend adding a handwritten note of thanks with your gift. A well thought out personal gift for a teacher is great, but adding a handwritten note will make it truly memorable.  

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