Heavyweight leather journals at Hope House Press

We have been experimenting with heavyweight leather journals for some time. We've had a number of new leathers into the Studio - experimenting with colour and texture, shape and structure and how to bring you a new style which will still be quintessentially Hope House Press but also enable us to branch out and offer more choice to our customers and community. 

Our first foray is below. And if we say so ourselves, it's beautiful. The thicker leather curves around the spine of the paper. Being hand cut, it has a lovely softness at the edges. I think what I like most though, is the simplicity in how the leather band keeps the journal together with a brass stud. The simpler the design, the more beautiful it is. 

heavyweight leather journal personalised with gold foil

Our use of the Times New Roman font was a point of much debate. We're using old vintage font in up to date, of the moment, machinery. This brings a beautiful result but it can be temperamental in coming to fruition. This isn't a mass market, high volume style - it's for those who really want the finest of fine and appreciate the beauty of using vintage in a modern way. 

What, when and where do you see this being gifted? We're thinking it could be good for graduation, christening or new beginnings. Or on a milestone birthday. Or as a present for Father's Day? Whomever it's bought for, it will be treasured over the coming years by the recipient and has the potential to become a recipient for a whole host of adventures, memories and special moments. Who knows, it could even be treasured by future generations?

beautiful luxury leather journal with gold foil personalisation


  • Hello Julie,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment on the blog – it’s great to hear from you again!

    We have two journal options for you. The first is the one you saw on the post – https://www.hopehousepress.co.uk/products/heavyweight-leather-journal-with-personalisation – this one is bound to the leather so unfortunately, it’s not refillable. It is utterly lovely though. The leather is just over double the thickness of our usual leather notebooks, so it’s more structured in that sense, but still feels great to handle. I do appreciate that it not being refillable might be more of a factor for you….

    We do however have a different option, which works equally beautifully for diaries or for notebooks / journals. This is the link to it: https://www.hopehousepress.co.uk/products/reusable-refillable-journal-cover-in-luxury-leather-with-personalisation This has been our surprise seller. So many people want something that they can re use. We’ve partnered up with a local maker and are delighted with it.

    If you need anything else, please let me know. Thank you, Liz

    Liz Weston - Hope House Press
  • Lovely looking journal, really classy. I think it would make a wonderful present for…….me! Is the option to have it refillable a possibility?


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