Hope House Press Colour Ranges

We love colour. Today I'm sharing our colours in more detail, so that you can see the colours available and make an informed choice on which to have for your diary, notebook or journal. Without further ado, here we go! 

Colours 1, 2, 3 and 4 are our 'Classic Collection' - the colours we are known for, that are loved worldwide. The leather is everything you expect from Hope House Press, soft, beautiful and wears with a gorgeous patina - words don't do it justice. The lines and grain of the leather shows clearly in these colours. There is variation in shade, texture and grain - a joy to write in and use. 

1. Caramel
This is our most popular colour - more than 50% of everything we hand make for our community is in Caramel. We love that you love it. We also love it when you say, "I want to try another colour - but I love Caramel so much, I can't not have it this time". It never ceases to make us smile.


2. Chocolate
Chocolate is a really interesting pick - it feels luxurious, elegant and refined. It's not as 'loud' as our brighter colours but it certainly has a density about it that can't be duplicated. When you choose Chocolate there's naturally, less contrast between the inking and the leather. And for some people, that is exactly what they are looking for - a bit of discretion - it feels a bit James Bond to me because it's so stylish and yet, it still has a bit of swagger about it. 

3. Russet Red
Red is such a great colour - it symbolises so many things doesn't it? Wealth, love and power are widely associated with shades of red. I like our Russet Red because it is has an intensity about it. It's not like a nail polish that needs three coats for the colour to show - it's there. It's present. Regal. It's not 'on trend' - it's got a style of its own - it's above fashion. 

4. Slate Blue
We're not supposed to have favourites. But I LOVE our Slate Blue. It's a very tricky colour to photograph - it's got all sorts going on - it shows the grain of the leather beautifully, has a depth that's heading towards Chocolate and feels very timeless. Whenever Ricard makes something for me, he knows to make it in Slate Blue. It's perfect. 

Colours 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are our 'Bright and Beautiful Collection' - they're the new kids on the block for the Hope House Press roster. They're made using exactly the same leather as in our Classic Collection. To get the colour consistency that is needed, they have additional treatments applied, which means that you'll be able to see less natural patterns in the leather. Instead, you'll see more, smaller details.

These leathers are much more tricky to work with - because it's so much smoother than our Classic Collection - the ink has a habit of trying to escape from the shape of the vintage letterpress letters as we ink it. It can take us two or three fresh starts in these colours, to get to the standard that we're known for. We don't mind that though - the end results are outstanding. Have a look at the grain of the leather in these photos and see for yourself. 

5. Neon
Now, this is an interesting colour for us - it was tried out a couple of years ago for a very short time and never really got much traction. I think that's because it wasn't photographed much as an actual 'live' product, so people couldn't envisage it that well. We've put it out there with 'Progress Not Perfection' and it's doing so well now! Is it orange or red? We don't know. It's bright, bold and will be easily found in a pile of books, on the kitchen worktop or in a handbag - you can't miss it. 


6. Brightest Blue
Did someone use the word 'Blue'? Did I mention that I LOVE Blue. Brightest Blue is feels really alive, modern, full of energy. Love it. Love it. Love it.  

7. Deep Orchid Pink
We buy our leather in full hides - so they are metres across and in length - they are huge. I was stood with Richard at the supplier and he spotted a sample of Deep Orchid Pink and said we had to have it. It wasn't even available at that point. We put ourselves at the front of the queue for it and said we wanted to commit to adding it to our range there and then. And how we pleased are we that we did? It works so well. People think of pink as being a colour for girls. We are loving seeing the pink being used by men for themselves - they're owning it. It also works really well for weddings and celebrations - it feels like a positive, perky, happy colour and we love to see how you all customise it.  


8. Silver Grey
Is it grey? Really? Not really. But it's not silver either. There's no sparkle or glitter on this colour. But saying it's Grey just wouldn't do it justice. This is a soft, enduring, blending in, works with everything around it colour. We've seen it used for every style we have - from weddings, to diaries and personalised notebooks. It just works. 


9. Pale Sage Green
There's something warming, soothing and comforting about this colour. It's pale, but still feels like a 'proper colour'. It's a colour that works for everyone - boy, girl, grown up or not so grown up and on everything we do. The vintage version of Progress Not Perfection looks perfect on this colour - it really shows off the variations in the hand inking. We're so pleased with how everyone has taken to using Pale Sage Green. What will you use it for? 

So, that's a brief round up of our colours - the Classic and Bright and Beautiful Collections. They really are special - all of them - in different ways. We love to see how you combine them with unique, bespoke personalisation and add them onto a diary or paper. I actually can't work out how many different combinations and possibilities there are in our ranges - 9 luxurious colours, 3 sizes and 6 different diary and paper formats. The only difficult thing here, is choosing what to have! 

PS. This has been on my to do list for so long. A phone call from Isabelle in Belgium this morning, has propelled it to the top of my to do list! Thank you for getting in touch Isabelle, can't wait to see what you choose! :))

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