The wordsearch diary 2.0 - and a 2019 diary dispatch update

Well, we are half way through October. Where is the time going? There are just 8 more Sundays until it's Christmas - we actually discussed putting the tree and decorations up at half term, just to make sure we found time to do it!!! 

I'm here today with two updates from the Hope House Press Studio.

1. The 2019 diary collection
The 2019 leather diary collection is so nearly there - not having them in our - or your hands - is the most frustrating thing ever. We are definitely starting on 2020 diaries in February to have them ready for April next year. We hate to keep anyone waiting and have emailed everyone to confirm that all pre orders will be in the post by next Monday, the 22nd October at the latest. Thank you to everyone who replied to my email about the delivery update with such supportive words. We would never want to post anything which we wouldn't want to receive ourselves so they've gone off for a re run. The leather is cut, the prep is done - as soon as they arrive, we'll be ready to make and dispatch. 

2. The wordsearch 2.0 diary
We couldn't wait to share it with you all - we are so proud of the update and refresh of one of our best selling styles for 2019. The wordsearch diary 2.0 is that perfect mix of cool, stylish and practical that you all love. We love it. You already love it. It's the bees knees. It really is. We love how the pink ink contrasts against the charcoal leather and the orange ink against the brightest blue leather doesn't sound quite right, but it really is!!! It is perfect in every way. Which do you prefer? The pink or the orange? 

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