New style announcement: The Garden Life Of....

The Garden Life Of... Gardening Gift for Gardeners

Spring 2017 brings several new additions to Hope House Press - and our newest style is a perfect embodiment of how our efforts are coming together beautifully.

The Garden Life Of... takes the beautiful letterpress fonts that we are famous for and marries it with a textured, layered pattern of leaves and foliage. We've invested in new kit which allows us to mix vintage methods with cutting edge technology methods - resulting in designs just like this one. 

As it's something very new for us, we're introducing it, to begin with, as a Limited Edition style: we've taken on a new, on trend, green leather are experimenting with offering it to our customers in a limited range of styles. Everyone wants something extra special and this new colour - Green 2017 - combined with our new styles means it's going to gifted and enjoyed for years to come. 

The Garden Life is also a first for Hope House Press as it's more directional in its wording - it's for people who love to get their fingers dirty. Going forwards, we'll be adding more directional, limited edition styles into the mix - so it's definitely a case of watch this space! 

If you'd like to consider being one of the first to own this new style, please do look at our listing information for it - you'll note that the price for the large is discounted on the usual rates - this is our 'carrot' to encourage you to try something new so please do make the most of it whilst we have this introductory rate running. 

Before you visit that though, we'd love to know what you think to The Garden Life Of... - do you like the colour? How do you feel about our adding textures and graphics to our covers? Does the personalisation stand our enough for you? All your thoughts would be most appreciated as we experiment and try new avenues. 

Have a great weekend, 
Hope House Press

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  • Lordy I love it! You know I’m a big fan of plants and all things green! Well done Hope House Press!


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