Personalised Diwali gifts - the story behind our newest style - a Diwali gift with meaning.

This personalised Diwali gift is directly inspired by a friend. I have not seen her in more than ten years. We do the annual “Hello, it’s been too long” messages where we share photos of our gorgeous boys and agree that the coming year is *the year* where we must find time to meet up. I love her sense of adventure, positive thinking and I always smile when I think of her. 

Last year, I asked her what we could make that would work as a Diwali gift. She explained in her experience, it’s a time for celebrations with family and friends and gifting isn’t the focus per se. But when gifts are given, they are usually given as money in an envelope.

We talked about how Diwali is also a time when people like to encourage others to make a leap and take steps to move forwards and make decisions to do something brave. 

So we’ve made this journal with that in mind. In red, which is the appropriate colour for Diwali and with gold which is always valued. If you know someone who celebrates Diwali, this is a great gift to give. Whatever they are looking to do in the coming year, it’s a perfect gift because it will be a place for them to document their progress.

It’s perfect for men and women, at any stage of their lives. It’s perfect as a family gift as well, because it is a perfect place to write and record family adventures. We hope you will all love this as much as we do - it has taken many hours to get the scale of the symbol to a point that works. It's a new style for us, so we're looking forward to receiving your thoughts on it! 

If you have an idea for something or you think that there's something we simply should be making and aren't, please let us know. We're always interested in experimenting and trying new things - email us at with your thoughts...

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