Personalised keyrings - five easy ways to make giving a personalised keyring truly special

Our personalised keyrings are already a hit - our established community loves them because they know what to expect from us in terms of quality and attention to detail. But they're also bringing us new customers which is lovely - they are finding us because we are offering beautiful personalisation options which just aren't available elsewhere to this standard. 

If you're thinking of gifting a personalised leather keyring we suggest that you take a moment to consider how you can best make it a truly thoughtful gift. Here are five suggestions on different ways to personalise your leather keyring: 

1. With a date for a wedding anniversary
Third wedding anniversary gifts are usually made of leather. If you'd like your loved one to remember a wedding date, engagement date or the date you met, this custom leather keyring would be perfect. Steel is a traditional gift for an eleventh wedding anniversary, so it would work equally well on that occasion.  

 personalised leather keyring - custom leather keyring - handmade leather anniversary gift by Hope House Press

2. As a secret message to reflect on your connection
If you share a secret code or phrase, why not abbreviate it into initials? "I Love You More Than All The Pebbles On Chesil Beach" becomes ILYMTATPOCB. It has no meaning to anyone else, but means the world to the wearer. If you'd like us to craft this style for you, please email us at and we'll make it happen. 

3. With meaningful words from a special occasion
Whilst there isn't space for a quotation, this keyring is perfect for embossing or foiling special words from a passage that has meaning for the two of you. At our wedding, my best friend read part of a speech about love from the film Meet Joe Black. For me it would be "Stay open" Which words would hold meaning for you?

4. With an excerpt from a song lyric
"Anything you want" was part of our first wedding dance - and fits for my ideas that life is about trying to give of ourselves to each other and make each other happy wherever and whenever we can. That can be tricky to achieve when you're knee deep in the minutiae of everyday life so this is a great way to remind yourself and them of the intention still being there. 

5. With a geographical location
Where did you meet? We met at Browns in Cambridge on a blind date. As a seasoned online dater, I had a list of questions to assess Richard on. He wasn't fazed by this - he thought I was organised! That comment brought about the moment where I decided that we should have a second date. The latitude for Browns at 23 Trumpington St, Cambridge CB2 1QA is: 52.1996 and the longitude is: 0.121469. Foiling this onto a personalised leather keyring would be a very personal and yet private way to commemorate our first meeting.  

Which of these would hold most meaning for you? Would something else be preferred? Whatever it is that has meaning for you, we'd be proud to bring it to life. We're always happy to work on bespoke personalisation requests - please email with your idea. 

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