Personalised keyrings - our new bestseller from Hope House Press - and the story behind the new styles

Today we're talking about personalised keyrings - and more specifically, personalised leather keyrings. 

Personalised keyrings are a beautiful gift to give and receive - our first venture in this new area went 'live' a week ago and we're so pleased to see how it has been received. Our custom keyrings came about as a result of our looking at how we can be less wasteful within the Studio. We already recycle and wanted to take this on a level - to purposefully use our offcuts.

The first personalised keyring is directly inspired by my own Dad who sadly died at the start of this year. He had dementia and spent many hours of each day looking for things. If he was here he would have loved this first style - because it can be attached to a belt or bag for safe keeping. It would have made his - and our - lives so much easier. 

Our second personalised keyring style celebrates the innately tactile nature of owning a piece from Hope House Press. Customers tell us about how they spend time stroking and touching their notebooks and diaries - so it made sense for the next piece to be something which shows off the leather for that purpose....

Do click on the image above - by going to the product itself, you'll be able to zoom in and see the beauty and depth of the embossing on this piece. 

With both of these styles, you can choose classic embossing or foiling with gold, silver or rose gold colours. Once the keyring is made, it can go into a gift box for posting. If it makes life easier for you, we'll hand write a gift note and post it direct to your Dad or whoever you want this to go to. Just let us know by sending us the message at when you order. 

I'm about to go and write a quick newsletter to share our custom keyrings more widely but before I do, I wanted to finish with a note of thanks. Thank you for the enthusiasm with which you have all taken to these new styles. It's a 'big thing' for us to branch out and we've been working on these pieces for some time. Please don't ever doubt the effect of taking a moment to message, comment, like or share our work. It gives us direct, honest and timely feedback and enables us to shape our direction. Your input is always appreciated. 

Have a great weekend, 
Liz, Richard and the Hope House Press team. 

PS. You can see many of our products 'in action' on the Hope House Press Instagram account. We also post photos of our family life and behind the scenes things there as well - it's an 'eclectic blend'!!

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