The Secret Code notebook and 2018 diary collection - new in at Hope House Press

Our newest collection has arrived - a trilogy of secret code notebooks and 2018 diaries which can convey the most personal of messages in a coded and entirely bespoke format.

The first style in our collection is the wordsearch . It does entirely what it says 'on the tin' and hides up to eight words of your choosing within the text on the front cover. This is perfect for people who know what they want to share - and don't. Available in all of our beautiful luxury leather colours, with a grey inking which works with them all. 

wordsearch notebook leather gift notebook personalised

The second in our collection is morse code - perfect for anyone looking to keep people guessing. You can choose to have any combination of three words on the cover and it is available in your choice of sizes and internal papers. 

morse code personalised gift leather notebook Hope House Press

The third in our trilogy is a beautiful articulation of binary code. Letters are shared vertically to form a word of your choosing. The only problem that remains is deciding which one to go for. 

Binary code notebook secret code personalised notebook Hope House Press

We initially planned to release these as notebooks and stagger their release in a 2018 diary format. Within just 48 hours, you've told us that time waits for 'no man' so we've added the diary formats and they are available now!

We're looking forward to seeing what you challenge us to make in these styles - there's something for everyone - if they can only work out the codes! 



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