Starsign Diary 2017 - which 2017 diary is best for your starsign?

Starsign diary 2017

A Starsign Diary for 2017 may sound a touch tangential, but apparently, we can really help ourselves to be our best selves by playing to our starsign strengths and supporting our weaknesses. We asked some friends about their starsigns and their lives, so that we could make some suggestions as to which kind of 2017 diary would work best for them....

First up, we have Donna from The Rose Diaries. She says "I"m a Leo - I need a diary to keep track of all my hair and beauty appointments because I am all about keeping up appearances! I also need somewhere to keep the contact details of my friends close at hand because friends sometimes need a little card or or a hello to know they are valued and a Leo values their friends highly."

All joking aside, we know that Donna is a meticulous time keeper and works very well to a deadline. With that mind, we think she should go for our ever present Be Brave, Bold, Beautiful, You Diary, with a vertical week to view layout. 

Leo Starsign Diary - Vertical Week To View

Next we have Maggy - she's a Sagittarius. According to Maggy, Sagittarius people "are goal orientated and get stuff done and are quite social. We also like to travel and explore". For Maggy, the Vertical Week To View above, is a good choice because she will be able to document all of the things she wants to squeeze into a day, whilst still having space at the bottom of each page, to document progress towards goals. The cover of her 2017 diary could be the iconic pointing hand letterpress diary. That would work well as it has 'The Adventures Of' on the front! 

Lucy says that she's a Capricorn. Lucy thinks that "Capricorns are always climbing their personal mountain, working their way to the top. step by step. I need my diary to help me keep track of my business and personal goals and as somewhere to store all my brilliant ideas for my next venture or adventure!"

This makes us think that with plans this BIG she should go for Carpe Diem in a Day To View layout - she needs space to document her thoughts and ideas as she has so many of them! 

Carpe Diem - Starsign Capricorn - Diary 2017
Funnily enough, we also think that Cerys, who is a Pisces should go for the same - she says "I'm Pisces which means I need a space to dream BIG and get creative plus doodle to my hearts content on the pages and get creative". Our Day To View diary will provide plenty of space for that! 

In fact, many of the people we know, would benefit from a Vertical Week To View diary. Marianne is another organised person - she says "I'm a Taurus, I'm practical and I love order. I want to have all of my dates, my kids dates and my husband's to hand. I am also a great lover of beauty, only the best will do. Hope House Press ticks all my tidy boxes." We particularly like that last sentence! 

We were a bit more challenged by Emma's needs though. As an Aries, she feels that makes her "enthusiastic, spontaneous and enterprising. But it also means that I need lists and a diary to keep me on track and organised - I use planners and diaries to brain dump and makes things practical and achievable." 

For Emma, we can see the Horizontal Week To View layout working. The Horizontal Week To View diary does the impossible. It makes everyone happy. There's enough space to document appointments on one side whilst the other can be used for notes and reminders. We know that Emma has new adventures on the horizon, so "Go Your Own Way" would work well for her. 

Go Your Own Way - Adventure Diary

Carolin told us "I'm a Libra and have dozens of things going at the same time. I use my diary to juggle my work and social life and keep track of creative ideas and projects that I'm working on. Very typical for my star sign, I've got a handful of options for every decision I have to make." 

We've left this one to last - not least because Carolin is a Libran like myself. I struggle with a diary. I like to have appointments documented in an orderly way. I also need space to write about family things and my thoughts on where I'm at with a project. That's why I've had an A5 day to view for 2016, to make sure that I have space to set our Home, Hope House Press and my Attitude of Gratitude separately. Perhaps I need to sit down and section out a diary just for Carolin? 

What do you think will work best for you?

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