Starting the week as we meant to go on...

It's Monday and we're starting the week as we meant to go on. This means that in addition to the marketing, finance and administration that needs daily work, we're also going to be: 

1. Packaging orders for dispatch. 
Orders are going to Australia and the UK today. They're a mix of bespoke pieces, the Story of Us, diaries and personalised leather journals. A beautiful mix of colours as well. Apologies for the poor quality on the photo below - I wanted to snap it before it went... This is a bespoke order we just made for someone who, in their field, is actually rather famous. We hope she goes on to challenge thinking with the ideas and theories she writes in this notebook! 

personalised notebook - Hope House Press makes luxury Italian leather notebook and diary orders that are loved worldwide.

2. Feeling the love
This message came to su via our Not On The High Street storefront on Friday. It's had us smiling since and inspired me to print this and other compliments off, to put on the Studio door. Why? So that we will see them at the end of a long day and remember that our hours of meticulous work are appreciated by our community. 

Personalised leather diary - 2017 diary - customer review - Hope House Press

3. Getting ahead of ourselves. 
I know, sounds strange doesn't it? But we need to have hundreds upon hundreds of boxes, tissue papers, ribbons, packaging and labels made and ready to go for the orders that will flood in, in October, November and December. And that's before the hours of actual work is done in making the personalised leather notebook and 2017 diary orders.

4. Looking for opportunities to manage ourselves better. 
Human error is something that no one likes to think about - let alone admit to. It's a fact of life though, so we're looking at the processes of production, dispatch and follow up to see how we can best utilise our beautiful workspace and the resources we have, to make sure that we're not missing any opportunities to get your orders out quicker, whilst still having the attention to detail that we're famous for. I'm documenting my research in my diary, whilst being smiled at by two lovely friends - we refer to ourselves as a trio of 'Fruitbats'. No idea why, but we do. 

Hope House Press diary
5. Cleaning. 
Yes, deep cleaning is happening. Hoovering, moving kit, recycling whatever we can. It's all happening - the clearer the Studio, the less confusion there is - and hopefully, less arguing between myself and Richard: we work together in quite a small space, so it's important to have as little superfluous in there as possible. It's agreeing what constitutes superfluous that's the issue though! ;)) I'll share a photo of the 'afterwards', if that's ok....

What are you doing this week? At work? At home? Somewhere else? We'd love to know about it and cheer you on as you make progress! 

Hope House Press comprises of Liz, Richard, The Boys and Bramble (our dog) Weston.

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