The Best 2017 Diary

Looking for The Best 2017 Diary ?? You're in the right place. Get a brew and some cake because this is a long post on the details of The Best 2017 Diary you will ever have. 

The Best 2017 Diary is going to be, well, I hate to tell you this. But The Best 2017 Diary is going to be the 2017 Diary that you personally make most use of. No. Really. I mean it. There is no point in you having a HUGE A4 Diary for 2017 if you're not going to fill the pages. Likewise, if you're looking to document anything more than birthdays and deadlines, an A6 Horizontal Week To View Diary isn't going to work either. 

When it comes to your 2017 Diary you have two important decisions to make. 

Best 2017 diary - Day To View, Horizontal or Vertical Week To View Layout?

1. Which layout will work best for you?

There's the Day To View layout, which is my personal favourite. Why? Because with a day for each page, you can decide what to use it for - and in fact, use it for different things as different points in the year. 

The Horizontal Week To View layout is perfect for someone who has a routine and sticks to it but still needs to remember extra 'stuff' and finds it useful to have something that they and indeed other members of their family, can use to check what's happening over the coming weeks. 

Then there's the Vertical Week To View layout. This is truly an appointment book. Starting at 8am and running through to 7pm each day, with space at the bottom for some notes, this is what you need if you're on a schedule that varies and you want yourself and other people to respect your time and availability. 

Which of these will work best for you? If you aren't sure, buy a Medium, Day To View layout and test it. One week, section each day by hourly intervals. The next week, section off around a third of it, to be your 'day planner' and use the rest for to do lists, thoughts, notes that you take in meetings and the funny phrases your children have come out with that day. 

Interested to know more? Take a moment to read our ever so slightly tongue in cheek assessment of which type of person buys each type of layout.... Recognise anyone???

Diary size guide - 2017 diary size guide

2. Deciding on a size. It matters.

I'm sorry. But as someone who is blessed with a multitude of curves, I can tell you that no only does size matter but actually, bigger is not always better. I have used one of our Large - A5 - diaries for the latter half of this year. I've experimented with layouts and usage and all sorts of things. And the word that I associate with it? Guilt. I feel guilty for not using it to its full potential. It is truly a thing of beauty. And what am I doing? Not using it up. 

The thing is, I started out with a Small - A6 - Diary, in a day to view layout. And that didn't work for me either, hence the leap to the Large. There just wasn't enough space for my left handed, large writing to get comfortable in the Diary. It's not the Day To View that's the issue. It's the size. I really do urge you to carefully consider size when choosing your Best Diary for 2017. It's a point from which you can't return, so choose wisely. 

Another Important Thing To Consider - Structure

Pardon? Structure? Why? Well, our diaries are all soft back. This means that they have structure, but are not rigid. They fit perfectly in your bag or pocket, without breaking or squashing anything else that's in there. They seemingly mould themselves around the other items. Of course, the downside to that can come if you don't take the care of it that it deserves - given time, a creased corner will drop out, but you might feel a bit annoyed whilst you wait for that to happen.

I know that by this stage, you're paralysed by the choices and styles and formats out there, so I'll just throw one more thing into the mix before I return to customising my own 2017 Best Diary.... 

The reason why the Day To View format is my best bet for my 2017 Diary, is because I know that I like to mix things up. I don't want to commit to my Diary having just one purpose or structure throughout the year. I very much subscribe to a Diary being a B.O.A.T. - a Book Of All Things. In fact, with that in mind, I'm going to write a series of posts on the blog, on how I'm 'hacking' my 2017 diary, to make it as BOAT as I can. I'll add a link to each post in here as I write them. 

Best 2017 Diary hacks...
1. Use the address book for something more useful than addresses. 
2. Include your financial plans and targets in easy to track layouts
3. Find space for positivity and to be your own cheerleader. 
4. Use summary pages to be more than just a summary. 
5. Re invent the personal details page. You're more than just a blood type! 

These are my initial thoughts on the Best 2017 Diary hacks. What would you need your 2017 Diary to do, to make it your Best Diary Ever? 

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