The best Father's Day gifts

The best Father's Day gifts are out there, it's just a case of finding them. Neither of our own Dads are big writers so although we can give them a personalised leather diary at Christmas, we're not really going to be able to gift a leather notebook for Father's day as well.

What we can do, to give the best Father's Day gift, is take the time to work out what it is that will make them happy on Sunday 18th June.

For my own Dad, the best Father's Day gift is two fold - time listening to him tell us about the fish that got away and photographs are appreciated. And as if by magic, entering stage left, this is where our brand new photo booth picture frame with wooden base comes in! 

Photo booth gift - Father's day gift for Dad

It's brand new - and started life in our Studio as a bookmark - but we quickly found that the images we were sent for our sample products were just too beautiful, vivid and engaging to not be seen every day! We teamed up with Stott and Shepherd - famous designers who work with everyone from the V&A to the Natural History Museum as well as on private and bespoke customer projects. 

Our next suggestion for a Father's Day gift - and the only other one from the Hope House Press stable - promise - is the personalised pencil case. Made in leather, with an art deco font for personalisation it's the perfect receptacle for yes, pens and pencils. But actually, it's good for so much more - glasses, those essential screws and drivers that *must* be kept indoors, medications and precious bits and bobs which need to be kept to hand 'just in case'. The latter of these is definitely the case for Richard's Dad - he hoards and then clears out cathartically before starting the process all over again!

personalised pencil case in leather - handmade - Hope House Press

Our third suggestion is actually suggestion three and four together... Snapdragon have set up an innovative way of shopping. It's innovative because they invite you to become a member - which yes, you pay for the privilege of. This in itself would be a wonderful Father's Day gift - when Dad is next stuck for what to buy someone, he can choose anything from the Snapdragon site and know it will be well made, thoughtfully presented and priced in a way that he'll be positively leaping up to grab his wallet. It's the perfect way to ensure you get perfect presents in the future. Head on over to the Snapdragon site for more info... 

If you're wanting to gift something tangible, check out the Snapdragon Fathers Day collection - there's so much to choose from! We like this gardeners wash bag. Perfect for getting clean after an afternoon of digging and helping your children find the biggest worms possible...

Snapdragon Online Gardeners Wash Bag


And finally, if none of these really grab you, why not give your Dad the very best Father's Day gift possible - telling him that you love him. Even if you can't be with him on Father's day, you can send him a heartfelt note in a card just like this one from Wink Design. This really gets me - I always got a reply - even if it was the tired reply of my dad throughout my formative years. And I love to tell him that I love him, at every opportunity. 

Dad I love you. ETSY card

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