The personalised leather diary - is it the most perfect Christmas gift?

We're here to make life easier for you. We've thought of seven people who would appreciate a 2018 diary from Hope House Press. Order them together and get the bulk of your present buying done in less than ten minutes - can it get any better?

1. Your Husband. 
A mens leather diary is a wonderful thing. We love to receive orders from women who are gifting a leather diary to the man in their life year on year. Knowing your Husband's preferred diary format, colour and size is like knowing their inside leg measurement and the fitting they prefer for their favourite brand of jeans. It's a wonderful thing, to know someone this intimately, to be someone that can be relied upon, to get it 'just right', every time. 

mens leather diary - leather diary for men - mens diary 2018 - Hope House Press
2. Your friend who already has everything she could need. 
We all have friends who already have everything that they could need. They don't wait for others to buy for them and you know to buy things for them from a specified range of stores. They know what they like. This diary is perfect because it does what it says on the tin - it inspires progress, not perfection. And they'll love you all the more for it. We suggest this style in a medium, day to view format - ample for note taking and appointment making but still compact enough to work in her day handbag. 

progress not perfection 2018 - progress diary 2018 - positive thinking diary 2018

3. Your Mum.
Your Mum likes to think she is more organised than she is. She wouldn't like to admit that she sometimes forgets things. Help her keep on track with a smart diary that helps her stay ahead of her game - quite literally - bridge lunches are not to be trifled with. 

Mum gift 2018 diary - gift for mum christmas - gift for her - 2018 leather diary

4. The fellow working mother
If you're a working woman chances are you'll know others who are juggling both day and night. Their ability to remember school deadlines, term dates and the days where different sports, academic and music equipment makes them a walking authority on their local school arrangements. She'll love a large, A5, horizontal week to view diary. Big enough to take everything whilst still keeping an overall view on the commitments ahead, it's going to be as encyclopedic as she is within weeks of starting the coming year. 

life according to - life diary 2018 - leather diary 2018 - personalised leather diary 2018

5. The distant relative who likes gardening
In the interests of full disclosure, we're currently selling this as a journal with plain, lined or squared paper - if you'd prefer this as a regular diary format for 2018, drop us a line at and we'll make one for you. Anyway, we're delighted to share this as the perfect gift for someone who likes to garden. It's been chosen as a 'must have gift' by the team over at Not On The High Street. We can see it working for anyone who is green fingered - the size of their garden doesn't matter - it's all in the planning. This is also perfect for posting on directly to the recipient. We're happy to do that, if you'd like us to. We can also add a small gift note for you at no extra cost. Just let us know and we'll add it in for you and advise you of the tracking details, so you can be assured of its safe arrival. 

garden diary - garden life diary - 2018 garden notebook

6. The teenager who needs a voice. 
We all know one - whether they live under your roof and frustrate you with their endless angst - or you're a godparent who isn't sure how to help a large, A5 diary in a day to view format will be a safe space for them to get it all out. In time they'll be able to reflect on life lessons and how to make the most of the good things that are out there for the taking. You could also personalise this further with notes on certain dates - promises of coffee and shopping expeditions, reassurances of your availability - writing your phone number in regularly could prompt them to text and check in? Whatever you encourage them to do with it, you'll always have a conversation starter to hand - or a reason to send them to their room if that's more appropriate! 

personalised diary 2018 - leather diary 2018 - leather diary single initial 2018
7. You
Yes, you. Last but no means least - you. You deserve to feel good when you write. Whether it's a list of birthday presents, dentist appointments, work deadlines or the six weekly hair cut and tidy up - you deserve something that makes you smile each time you do. We're not suggesting you shriek "I'm worth it!!!!" each time you open your diary. But we are suggesting you take a breath and take a moment to savour all the things life is throwing at you and the fact that by writing them down and adding them to the mix, they're going to make life more interesting, more varied, more colourful and more unique than you could ever have thought it could be. Which when you think about it, is a rather awesome thing, isn't it? 

2018 diary for women - working mum diary - 2018 leather diary personalised

The full 2018 diary collection is ready, available and waiting for your personalisation here at Hope House Press - the 2018 diary collection

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