The Story of Kristen Stewart and a very special Hope House Press journal...

In our house, we cover all of the TV and film genre bases - I'm into comedy and romance, Richard is into action, spooky, scary and sci fi whilst The Boys cover all things animation and cool dude related. So I'm sharing this here, because I hope that someone out there will truly appreciate the amazing turn that Hope House Press took on Instagram last night. 

Personalised leather notebook - personalised journal - luxury leather

We've only been on Instagram since March 2016, so we're used to people 're finding' us and telling us about the notebooks, diaries and journals that have played roles in their lives to date. KerryAnnManc tagged a friend - Vickan23 - to say that we are:

"the company who did Kristen's KJS journal #KristenStewart 👌🏽"

As a loud and proud Kristen Stewart fan, my heart leapt when I read this. Were they talking about The Kristen? Thank goodness for the miracle of private messaging. It was confirmed that it is indeed The Kristen who was the recipient of one of our leather bound journals. 

And look!! Here's the moment when Kristen was gifted her journal by Kerry and Vicki at the Twilight premier in London, in November 2012! Thank you Vickan23 for sharing it with us and giving us permission to share it here. 

Kristen Stewart - aww, I love that - her take on her Hope House Press leather bound journal.

 This is the actual journal that Vicki and Kerry gave to her! 

Hope House Press - leather bound journal - Kristen Stewart - New York Times

I asked Vicki as to what Kristen thought of it - she apparently said "aww, I love it. Thank you." And here's the best bit. In the spookiest turn of events ever, an interview with Kristen was published in the New York Times yesterday and look what it refers to....

"Stewart has always had what she refers to as “high-functioning adrenal glands,” only now, it seems that she’s figured out a way to channel her anxiety productively, to enjoy the process of acting rather than simply enduring its trappings. When she notices me glancing at a leather-bound journal between us on the coffee table, she opens it to reveal poems she’s written over the years, mostly while flying. If she’s happy with how a poem has turned out, she transcribes it into the journal."

Is it possible that the journal that Nicholas Haramis saw, is in fact the same journal that was gifted to her all that time ago?  I love the idea of this, because if it is the same journal, it gives me faith. Faith in super famous people still being human beings. Faith in all the hard work and hours of effort we put into making our notebooks, diaries and journals. Of course we think we're something special - we love our finished products. But to think that somewhere on a flight, Kristen Stewart might be using one of them, to curate her poetry. Well, that pretty much leaves me out of words to finish this piece with. 

Full credit for photography to: Vickan23

Full credit for story references and information to Vickan23 and Kerryannmanc - thank you both for being so open and sharing about this amazing experience in your lives.

If you're interested in buying a Hope House Press journal for yourself, please have a look at our online shop. Make sure you use the code "KristenStewart" in the promo box, as it will get you 15% off any of our notebooks until 12:00 GMT on 28th September 2016! 



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