The Story Of Me - is it a christening gift or divorce celebration gift?

The Story of Me is a recent addition to the Hope House Press portfolio. We originally envisaged that it would be appropriate for all things 'new baby’ related - that it would work perfectly as a christening, baptism or naming ceremony gift. It is selling phenomenally well for all of those gifting occasions which is great.

However, we've been delighted to find that it also works as something for adults  - as a perfect way to ‘mark’ a moment, life stage or change of direction. We're really touched to see this being gifted to people as they start over - who knew that there would be a market for 'congratulations on your divorce' gifts?

Whatever it's being given as, we’re loving the notes which we are asked to add to them as they are dispatched. In fact, it's given us pause for thought, about new beginnings and how life evolves as we grow. 

Who do you know that would appreciate a fresh start? A do over? An opportunity to start on a fresh page? 

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