Thoughtful gift giving - five ways to give thoughtful gifts


Personalised leather diary - handmade by Hope House Press
Giving a thoughtful gift can be tricky. We all have occasions where we want to give a truly thoughtful gift but aren't quite sure how to pull it off. For me, a thoughtful gift is one which shows that you've really thought about the recipient and how you can give something that they'll remember - for all the right reasons: a gift which will make them smile every time they use it.

Here are five ways you can make gift giving truly thoughtful. We've added examples of them 'in action' using our leather notebooks, leather diaries and leather keyrings to bring them to life.

1. Start ahead of time
Give yourself the advantage of time - it enables you to really think about the person you are buying a gift for. Think about conversations you've had - where do they want to travel to, what recipes do they want to experiment with, which bands do they want to see live? 
Example: TANYA'S PLANS FOR SEEING AHA IN 2019 - this would be perfect on a sideline diary, wouldn't it? 

leather notebook - personalised leather notebook with message along the spine

2. Go small
In this relentlessly busy world, I long to be heard. It's a standing joke in our house that I want my Husband and children to remember that I'm on a personal quest to find a room spray that is less dog and pre teen boys and more feminine. Take some time to think of even the smallest mention in a conversation and use it to show that you've really heard someone. 
Example: A smelly year (in caps) by Mummy Weston (in italics). 
To bring this to life, you could add a gift card to this and write something along the lines of "We hope that 2019 is the year where you find a truly perfect jasmine room spray to counter the smell of us and Scout". Every time I used that diary, I would think of my family, the dog and the beautiful life we have together. 

Personalised leather diary with unique message - handmade by Hope House Press

3. Go back to the start
When did you meet? How are you connected? What are your earliest memories of knowing each other? Is there a colour or phrase that takes you back to that moment where you met? 
Example A: You could choose a red diary with LIFE ACCORDING TO LOUISE SMITH (capitals), organising others since 1984 on the front (bold capitals), if that's when you first met at school, wearing red uniforms. Your accompanying gift note could refer to the particular choosing of the red colour, making this both beautiful and personal.

leather diary - personalised leather diary for Mum

4. Go forwards
If you know that someone's goal is to spend a month of every year at Disney World / volunteering in an orphanage / travelling different parts of Asia, why not find the longitude and latitude points of that place, and have them foiled onto a keyring? It's almost a secret code isn't it? A way for you to let the recipient know that you're rooting for them to achieve their goal, even when they're doing the most mundane of daily tasks. (You can easily find longitude and latitude points at a website like this one).
Example: When I met my Husband I told him on our first date that I wanted to go to Tiffany's in New York. We had to wait a while to go there but how lovely would it have been if he'd bought me a keyring with the location of Tiffany's on it, to hold onto whilst we saved to visit? 

Leather keyring - personalised keyring in leather with gold, silver or rose gold personalisation

5. Add to what they already have
If the person you are buying for already has all their heart could possibly desire - and I'm thinking of several people in my Husband's family here - then why not add something to what they already have? If they already have jewellery that they wear day in day out, check to see if it's gold, silver or rose gold - and have a bracelet made for them that compliments it. 
Example: How good would be it to write a gift note which says "I saw you always wear your gold bracelet and thought this would compliment it beautifully. I've personalised it with the names of your grandchildren as I've watched you smile whenever their names are mentioned". Can you give a better gift than that?

personalised bracelet - leather gift with personalised names
So, that's five ways that you can give a truly thoughtful gift. Taking time to think about your recipient is the obvious starting point but there are so many paths you can take in finding the perfect gift. Each of the pieces we've suggested today are deliberately different:
- The keyring and bracelet are perfect for Christmas stockings or as table gifts for special lunches.
- Our leather diary collection is perfect for showing that you're on the same page as the recipient
- The leather notebooks can show how you are tuned into the recipient and their hopes and dreams. 

Which would you like to receive? Which would give you the greatest joy to give? We'd love to hear how you're making your gift giving more thoughtful in the comments below. 

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