Use it or lose it - a story of stationery decluttering

Hello, my name is Liz Weston and I'm a stationery addict. I don't just like stationery - I have a collection that is impressive to even the most ardent of fans. I like to collect stationery - pens, paper, accessories, kit and holders. 

I was working the Studio today, preparing orders for packing and updating the website when my friend, Angie, came to work alongside me. Angie is a translator - she translates French into English and is super good at it. Whilst discussing de cluttering and tidying up, I shared with a sweep of her arm, that I had two entire shelves of stationery that I'd never used or worse, had been written in just the once!!!! 

You can see where this is going, can't you?

With Angie's help, cajoling and cheers of 'come on, lets do this', I have proceeded to filter through the stationery. It was split into piles for recycling, re gifting and keeping. Only the very most unusable went into the recycling. The re gifting was put to one side and will be used for something cool (more on that later). And finally, the 'keeping' pile, is well, back on the shelf, waiting for use. 

Look at how much stationery I was able to put together for re gifting!!!! 

Look at how much stationery I've decided to keep.

Now, here's the very best bit.....

The stationery that I am going to re gift, will go initially to parents in the school playground where The Boys go to school. Why? Because it's going to give me an excuse to go and talk to them, and ask them for some help! 

Since we started working in and on all things Hope House Press, friends have said to us "how can we help you make sales?". I've now come up with my idea, that I'm going to give them the opportunity to have a lucky dip in my stationery bag of re gifting goodies and in return for this, I'm going to give the an envelope with two of our postcards in it and a note asking them to pass them on to friends who work in corporates and/or businesses which might be interested in ordering our notebooks or diaries for their staff, customers, suppliers and contacts. 

I'm sharing this with you for several reasons:
1. People love to know about the behind the scenes stuff at Hope House Press. That's what gets most clicks and engagement in our newsletters.
2. We would love to get you thinking about how you can introduce us and our work to someone who orders gifts for others at Christmas / for the New Year. 
3. To say thank you to everyone who has already asked us for the opportunity to help us as we grow our family business. It really does mean so much to us, that you've offered help, friendship, biscuits, child care and more, so that we can give ourselves to Hope House Press like we are. It's brilliant. We really do appreciate it.
4. Because I want us to set an example for other people with unique businesses like ours - that it's ok to ask for help. It's ok to be out there. That people can't buy from us unless they know we exist! 
5. To encourage you to think about the things you have - that you don't need. Who could you re gift them to? Who else could make use of them? 
6. Because there are a finite number of times when someone will offer their help - use it or lose it. Literally. Do it. Now. 

OK, I'm off to do the school run and distribute some re gifted stationery loveliness! 
Enjoy the rest of the sunshine



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