Where to buy a leather notebook

Where to buy a leather notebook - this is the search term that a large percentage of our visitors use when coming to our website for the first time. Other search terms relate to a very specific diary that Smythson used to make - a group of people have recommended our diaries as an alternative and we've been delighted to welcome them to our community. And very recently, our customers have started to ask us how and where they can buy more than just a leather notebook - they want accessories to go with them - hence the arrival of our new pen collections and pencil case collections. 

We're very proud to be responsive to your requests - we've ensured that we've ordered plenty of academic diaries for you all this year. We've brought in different and unique fonts for personalisation. We've also searched the world for a navy leather which wears beautifully and meets our high standards for handling and personalisation. 

But what do you want? What do you want to buy from us? As well as looking for where to buy a leather notebook, we'd like to know as to what do you want to buy as gifts for other people and for yourself. Please tell us in the comments below or email us at hello@hopehousepress.co.uk with your thoughts. We're already working on our designs and new products for 2018, so we'd really appreciate your taking a moment to tell us what we can do to make Hope House Press your first stop when you're looking for where to buy a leather notebook - and all your other gifts!

Christening gift - Divorce gift - Story Of Me.

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