Your 2018 diary - what will your choice say about you?

When it comes to your 2018 diary there is a lot of pressure to make a 'good choice'. With so many 2018 diary styles out there, it can be hard to know what to choose because what works for one person may not work for another. We're here to officially tell you to Worry No More. Hope House Press is here to help.

Based on our scientific (well, not so scientific actually) research, we have established that there are three types of people in the world.... What do you think? Have we got it right?

Day To View 2017 diary

1. Day to view diary owners
A day to view diary owner is someone who writes everything down, in longhand and likely uses a pencil for things which are pending or with friends who rearrange meet ups lest they use a pen and have to resort to proper old fashioned tippex (remember that??) to tidy up their cancellations and updates. The day to view diary owner is open to using colours to highlight different sections of their day and responsibilities and may from time to time, draw lines or boxes around key happenings, so that they see them first when looking over the day ahead. They are likely to be found with a big handbag, which has one of those nifty organisers in it, which you can use to transfer the core of your bag, into other bags. The day to view diary owner is on time, and will always have a stash of baby wipes to hand for when you / your family make a mess and need to clean yourselves up. Thank goodness for day to view diary owner. 

Horizontal week to view diary 2017

2. Horizontal week to view diary owners
The horizontal week to view diary owner is someone that can be hard to pin down to a fixed appointment. They know vaguely what's happening that week, but have lots of arrows and lines indicating that things have moved or are not happening after all within each day. Birthdays and anniversaries and and deadlines are written in shorthand, in a rush, and are usually untranslatable by the writer ten minutes after they have been written. Horizontal week to view diary owners are trying to reverse the effects of their drooping shoulder syndrome brought on from previously being a day to view diary owner.  Being practical folk, when it all goes utterly Pete Tong, they will whip out a sticky label, put it over an entire day and start all over again. The horizontal week to view diary is owner is most likely to be the type of person to try using stickers in their diary, they're pragmatic like that. As with their shorthand, they won't be able to remember what they all mean the next time they view them, but won't 'fess up to it, in case someone laughs at them. Don't believe us? Open their diary and ask them what a sticker means - if they look shifty, you've caught them out. 

Vertical week to view diary 2017

3. Vertical week to view diary owners
The vertical week to view diary owner is funny breed - they are like Hugh Grant in About A Boy. They believe that man is indeed an island. Their world view is one where life can be allocated in thirty minute or sixty minute increments and woe betide anyone who messes with their cosmic ordering. They are likely to use coloured pens to signify different categories of birthdays and events but wouldn't desecrate their vertical week to view with a highlighter or God Forbid, repeated underlining or boxing of an appointment. The reason why they are funny is because despite their order and regularity, they're usually the naughtiest in the group once a few large gins have been dispensed on a night out. They're also really annoying because despite staying up until 4am, seeming to have drunk a group of Navy Boys under the table, they're still to be found at 9am the next day, doing pilates - with their clothes on the right way round - how do they do it???

Which one of these three people are you? Do you always play is safe with your diary and have the same format each year? Or do you switch it up? Would an academic diary scare the bejeezus out of you - would it affect how you view the year - would Christmas never be the same again because it's not at the back of your diary and therefore too far away from scribbled Christmas present idea lists in the back cover? 

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