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Do you have a new product? One that's 'nearly there' but not quite ready to go to market? Do you need beautiful packaging to make it stand out on the shelf? Here are three reasons why we could be the right people to make this happen.

  1. We're in the same boat as you - we make and produce our own leather stationery and accessories so we're always working on ways to present our work beautifully at a price point that works. We really do know how important it is to get it right.
  2. There's no minimum order quantity. Of course the unit price gets cheaper the more you order of something, as they absorb set up costs. If you really do just need five pieces of packaging, we're still happy to help. 
  3. We can help if your deadline is looming. If you need something done and out within 48 hours we can make it work. We know what it's like when an opportunity comes your way and you need to act on it quickly. For transparency, we recommend you avoid this if you can, because it incurs a 25% charge for putting your work to the front of the queue and re ordering our processes in the Studio. A week to produce is enough notice for us to add you to our regular workload. 

So, what do we need from you? Artwork, sizing, details on spot gloss if needed, volume, specifications on materials, a delivery address, a phone number for detail checking and your deadline. We'll try to reply the same day - please email everything to 

Examples of our work
Most of our business and bespoke orders are white label, so we don't have many examples we can share. Here's one which we've worked on recently and are able to share with you...

Spice Kitchen corporate gifting
Sanjay Aggrawal owns Spice Kitchen. You'll have heard of Spice Kitchen's products because as well as being stocked in all the renowned food shops they've also been chosen as 2018 Gift of the Year. In the wider community, they're loved by people who appreciate using really good spices for cooking and in teas.

Sanjay was working on a special blend of teas for a corporate gifting order. He wanted something that could be used to package his teas together so we worked with him to ink a bespoke logo onto hessian bags. Being perfectionists, it took a while to get it right - but the final result is entirely worth the effort.

Sanjay is delighted with the result: 

"We have worked with Hope House Press on one of our corporate gifting orders. They expertly ink stamped some hessian sacks that festive spices were placed into. Work was done to exact specifications, on time and to a very high quality. We will be using them again!"

Here's the finished article:
Business and bespoke orders for businesses at Hope House Press
We're already working on new projects with him and look forward to sharing more on them with you when they are unveiled in the world.

White label packaging samples for journalists

We've recently worked with someone who needed sample packaging because their main packaging - hundreds of thousands of pieces of it - was being printed in Europe: they needed just ten sets of product and associated packaging to send to journalists ahead of their product launch. We took the packaging design, tested it to ensure we could make it to a standard where the business would be putting its best foot forward and set about making it. Our combination of paper and print knowledge, combined with our all singing and dancing tech meant we were able to have the samples made and in the post within 48 hours. We have everything crossed that the sampling goes well and secures them lots of Christmas coverage! 

Printing short-run packaging
We've just had more feedback in from a packaging customer. Their product is top secret at the moment, but we're very pleased to have helped them with samples of the new product's packaging. 

bespoke business order - leather notebook, leather diary and packaging at Hope House Press

If there is something on your horizon - packaging, a project or something in development that you'd like an opinion on, please do get in touch. You can email us at or call us on 07515 910231. Whichever works for you, works for us.