Design your own notebook

Several weeks ago, we were talking with a friend who is an incredible person - she volunteers and leads a Guide troop (is that the right word?) - every week she comes up with something cool, interesting, challenging and engaging for them to do. We were talking about National Stationery Week and how we'd not found a project yet that we felt we wanted to commit to. 

From nowhere, I heard myself challenging Claire to ask her troop to each design a front cover for a one off, entirely unique and bespoke notebook cover design. I wanted them to draw something that they loved, that reflected on themselves and the world around them. 

We loved what they came up with - we'll scan some of them in and share them below. But first, we'd like to show you the design which we chose to make into a notebook. We looked at the style, use of space and for something that felt like someone had really put themselves into it, in some way. 

This is Kate, with her design. We love this piece.

Girl Guide winning notebook design


What do we love about this? We love that there are clouds - clouds are freeform, always changing and very beautiful. We love that she has put her name front and centre - she's proud of her work. We love that there is a stylised rain - different colours and textures and shapes - that's an interesting take on it. And right at the bottom there is a design - we've interpreted this to be something around hills, open space and a view on the horizon. Whatever it is, it's lovely. And a perfect frame for the bottom of the notebook cover. 

The feedback is that Kate loves her book - we're really pleased to hear this. We're also really pleased that the Guide troop had a good time making their designs. We want to encourage everyone to write - but especially young people who are making sense of their own worlds and the changing world around them. We're going to look for more projects like this over the coming months. If you have an idea on something that we could do to inspire the next generation to write - for themselves or others, we'd love to hear about it - email us at - we'd love to hear from you!