Hope House Press - personalised and bespoke leather notebooks, journals and diaries - write in them now and keep for the future....

Hope House Press is a studio like no other. Our hand made, luxury leather notebooks and diaries are enjoyed the world over. Our customers appreciate attention to detail and the very finest of materials being distilled into each piece we produce.

Glamorous or grounded? You decide.

Our craft enables us to produce luxurious, richly understated pieces which are treasured by the recipient. Whether given as a gorgeous gift or purchased as an everyday appointment diary for yourself our decades of experience bring leather and paper together with personalisation and print in a way that no one else does. Our unique methods have evolved as we’ve developed and we’re honoured that you’ve chosen to join us as we continue on this path together.

Our original range of handmade personalised leather notebooks and diaries make great gifts for those who love to put pen to paper. Stylish and practical, they don't just look good and feel good - the heady cocktail of paper and leather means they smell wonderful too.

Buying for yourself? You'll love the choices of colours, phrasing, diary layouts and paper types - they combine to give you a notebook, journal or diary that you will want to write in again and again. 

Buying for someone else? You'll love the options on personalisation, colours and our helpful contributions on what works well for birthdays, weddings, baby arrivals, anniversaries and of course, travelling. 

New to Hope House Press? We're regularly featured in good company. The Independent, Vogue, Homes and Gardens, i and influencers love that we produce out of the ordinary pieces for people who want something different. 

Review our feedback: We are grateful to have an ever growing community of aficionados who have given us many years of glowing feedback and reviews.

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