Help with choosing your notebook, journal or diary from Hope House Press

Notebook, diary and journal sizes - Hope House Press sizing guide

Notebooks & Diaries

Our notebooks are available in three sizes ranging from Small (A6) listed as 'S' on the drop down menu to Large (A5) listed as 'L' on the drop down menu. Dairies also come in Pocket Size.

Both the Small (A6) and Large (A5) are standard stationery sizes. Please check the dimensions stated prior to ordering to make sure the size selected is suitable for your needs, or the person you are buying for.

As a guide, the footprint of the Large (A5) size is best imagined as the size of a piece of A4 paper, which has been folded in half along it's longest edge.

Our Small (A6) books contain fewer pages than the Medium and Large sizes, which makes them more slimline in appearance. Whilst they contain fewer pages, this means that they are more easily portable in an inside jacket pocket, or a small bag, where space may be at a premium.

The number of pages contained in each of our notebooks and journals is as follows:


Only available in Diary formats.

Slimline Small (A6)

Plain: 72 sheets/144 pages. Lined/Squared: 64 sheets/128 pages


Plain, Lined and Squared: 144 sheets/288 pages.

Large (A5)

Plain, Lined and Squared: 144 sheets/288 pages.