Hello, if you've found this page, you're likely looking for Liz Weston. I used to be known as Liz - Marketing, Comms, PR, Social Media, Awards Writer - Weston? Whatever name you know me by, I'm not in that market any more, as I now work full time for Hope House Press on our own marketing and operations management. 

If you're looking for marketing, PR and social media support in the baby, family and parenting market, I whole heartedly recommend BumpPR to you. Lisa Morris and her team are incredible. They get fantastic results and are consistent in their attention to detail and output. Go. Tell them I sent you their way. Bribe them with cake. They're always saying their eating healthy but cake won't be turned away....

For other work, please drop me an email at and I'll connect you to other people from my address book who could be useful.

If you're looking for crisis management, I may be able to help, on a short term, project basis. Email and I'll either be able to help or connect you to someone who can. 

If you want to know more of what my life looks like now I'm no longer agency and instead, client side - being my own client, please have a look around - it's entirely a work in progress but we're growing quickly and loving what we're achieving!