Services for creative businesses

Here's the thing. I was approached a couple of months ago and asked if I'd write product descriptions for someone because they liked how I was writing for Hope House Press. At the time, I said no - because I wasn't sure about offering my services to others. I felt that the very best person to write about our products is me.

It never crossed my mind that others might not feel the same, until I needed some help with coding this site. That's when I realised that we all have different strengths and that if writing isn't your thing, then you're not going to push yourself to do it - and it may even end up on the never ending Things To Do When I'm Not Procrastinating List. Coding really isn't my thing and I've learnt quickly that instead, asking Jenny McMillen to do it instead, makes it easier for Hope House Press to serve our customers with a website that works.

So, I'm here and I'm happy to offer my services to you. I can help your business get out there by writing product descriptions and uploading them to your own site, NOTHS, ETSY, Hard to Find and anywhere else that you might want them bringing to life. I'm proficient working in Shopify and Wordpress. If you have a subscription to Marmalead or similar, I'm happy to use that to ensure that I'm writing seo friendly descriptions. If you have keywords that you'd like me to write on, I'm happy to do that as well. Whatever works for you, works for me. 

1. What do you cost? 
My hourly rate is £20 plus VAT. This is 'introductory pricing'. For transparency, it's important for me to share that in time, as my portfolio grows, it will increase. I have a fixed number of hours available each week and make the most of them. In my 'previous life' - before owning Hope House Press, I owned a marketing agency and charged £120 an hour plus VAT for consultancy, idea generation and training. I was comfortable to charge that because my work was in demand and made such a positive impact on the recipient's bottom line. At this point, I'm not well known in this area and am looking to build my portfolio, hence the very reasonable price point.

2. How do I know what your work will cost?

  • For a straightforward product description, I charge for one hour of my time - £20.00
  • If you want me to use a tool (marmalead, google or something else) to establish search phrases a product and write with an seo hat on, it will take me 90 minutes to do that for each product and write the product description.

3. Can you handle it all for me? I want you to write the product description, make sure it's google friendly and upload it, with images, to NOTHS / Shopify / ETSY / Hard To Find / Wordpress.
Yes, of course. This will take me two hours per product. It will take me an additional 30 minutes to upload it, edit in situ and ensure the images are appropriate to the platform. You'll need to provide me with images and product specifications and I'll do the rest. We'll agree in advance if i will publish / submit your products or if you'll do that yourself once you've reviewed them.

4. Can I see examples of your work? 
Yes. Please look at examples here on Hope House Press:
Leather notebook with script font

5. How do I know that you're worth hiring?
First and foremost, I'm the right person to hire if you connect with my writing. I'm writing here in a chatty, informal style. When I write a product description I write differently, but there's still the element of engagement because after all, we want to engage with our customers. Everyone's business is different though, so I'll ask you some questions about your ideal customer before I begin. This will help me bring your beautiful products to life.
Secondly, I can tell you that since we bought Hope House Press two and a half years ago we've transformed it. We run a profitable business - we're doing really well and I'm proud of that. I'm at the coal face right now, alongside you. I know what's developing (hello seasonal keywords) and I have rewritten - and continue to constantly update - our product descriptions. In fact, right now, I'm rewriting everything here on Hope House Press, to be found more in search. I've tested my learning, found it's worked and am implementing it for all we do. I'm happy to share my learning with you in my writing. That's why I don't have as many links as I'd like to in my examples in question 4 - I'm re doing them - again - right now! 

6. Who will you work for?
I also don't see myself writing for two ceramics businesses at the same time, or two plant based subscription businesses. When I am researching, thinking and writing about something and have a great idea, I do not want to have to decide which business to give that idea to. I want to be able to throw myself into my work for you without restriction and this seems like an appropriate way to do that.
Decades of experience in freelancing have taught me many things - the most important of which is this: I work best for people who pay on time, are polite and give me feedback - constructive feedback is so useful. I really appreciate people who take the time to give me feedback that I can use to improve going forwards.

I am not in a position to write for another leather stationery business - that wouldn't be appropriate.
I want to write for lots of different people. Challenging myself to write in different styles, for different audiences is a great thing - if you don't see my having written for your business type before, don't be put off - I'm likely to have lots of fresh ideas on how I can write for you!

7. Will you sign an NDA? 
Of course, email it to me. Belt and braces is always a good way forwards.

8. Over to you
If you've got this far, you deserve a sticker. Choosing someone for this kind of work is an important decision. I totally get that. If you are considering hiring me and have questions, please email - I'm always happy to chat. If you'd prefer to chat by phone, I'm available on 07515 910231 each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have other commitments each Tuesday and Thursday but I do reply to emails in the evenings.